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DISI-2A Touch – Automatic Disintegration Tester

DISI-A Touch

The standalone variant DISI-A Touch is easy to operate using the integrated touchscreen. It is possible to upgrade to PC version at any time.

The device has 4GB of product memory. The standard printout of DISI-A Touch offers an overview of results in table form. Data can be exported via USB stick.

The system fulfils all EP/USP requirements.


As each station is powered separately, you can test up to four different products at the same time. The softstart function ensures that the testing basket is immersed in a controlled manner.

The basket reciprocation mechanism

The baskets move vertically by stepping motors running in micro step mode. This allows the baskets to move smoothly in and out of the media and ensures strictly sinusoidal motion. Also, with multiple station testers the up and down movements are exactly identical in time and speed.

Measurement principle

When tests are performed using discs, the heights of the tablets will be sensed whenever the basket moves upward. The decrease of the tablet’s heights will be sent to the connected PC and displayed graphically and in real time on the PC’s monitor. If the use of discs is not permitted by the monograph, the operator will be prompted to enter the disintegration results manually.

The patented principle of measurement is the attenuation of an electromagnetic field when moving a short-circuited coil through this field. The electromagnetic fields are produced by six coils located in the basket’s lower plate. The electromagnetic circuits for signal conditioning are also hermetically sealed into this base plate. A tiny copper ring is moulded into each of the six discs. This ring will attenuate the electromagnetic flux when the disc moves up or down. Energy supply and signal coupling between the basket assembly and the tester’s frame is done electromagnetically. This will prevent all contact problems caused by corrosion or contamination found with many traditional designs.

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A few quick steps is all it takes to dismantle the testing baskets ready for cleaning. The basket assembly is extremely robust. It can be easily disassembled and even be fully submerged into a cleaning bath.

Magnetic coupling

The testing baskets can be attached and removed quickly thanks to the magnetic coupling. No wires at all!


Clear view

The test baskets are almost completely made from transparent material. This simplifies the visual inspection substantially.

The temperature control

The water bath is heated by a thermostatic temperature control unit.

This provides quick and reliable heating and will keep the temperature of the immersion fluid within close limits. Each basket is equipped with its own temperature sensor (pin).

The temperatures will be recorded continually and any variation outside the limits will raise an alarm and abort the test.

Quick lock

On top of the baskets is a quick lock system to ensure that disks dont get lost.

Data analysis

The DISI-A TOUCH model does notlocally store test results, therefore does not fall under the rule of 21CFR11.

This makes the qualification of the instrument a lot easier! However, an option for data export into CSV or TXT file is available, for further analysis of data in a PC, if required. The standard test printout of the DISI A-TOUCH provides a tabular test report.

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