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The most simple and user friendly manual tablet hardness tester.


The HC6.2-Extended hardness tester is testing HARDNESS, DIAMETER, THICKNESS and WEIGHT of tablets.


The clear display and buttons makes the HC6.2 easy to use, allowing you to operate the device safely even when wearing gloves and protective clothing.

Test results are printed immediatly and automatically after a test is finished.

Dimensions 252 x 195 x 205 mm
Weight 10 kg

EXT – Extension Module

The extension module allows the installation of a thickness gauge and the connection of a balance like Sartorius, Mettler or Precisa (the weight option requires a special license, see HC6.2-EXT+).

This connection can be used as well for friability testing.

Easy calibration

The calibration of the HC6.2 is so simple, that it can performed within a couple of minutes only!


With the HC6.2 product manager software you can store up to 99 products externally and load them via a USB memory stick. An integrated product memory is available as an option.

Also the HC6.2-EXT can be used with the Ph21 Software.


A protocol is generated after every test if a printer is connected. When a test is finished or stopped “Prn” appears in the display window “Monitor”. This means that a protocol will be printed.

Options for LAB.line Testers


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