The only one of its kind - washable tablet hardness tester.

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HC6.2-WIP – Washable tablet hardness tester

The washable tablet hardness tester – designed for use in isolators or wet work benches.


The HC6.2-WIP (wash-in-place) hardness tester is testing HARDNESS + DIAMETER of tablets.


Where hazardous products are produced, such as hormones or cancer medicine, containment is a key factor to protect the operator and the environment. The HC6.2 WIP is designed for the use in an isolator, which allows:

  • to operate it from the outside
  • calibrate and place products using the gloves ports
  • wash down the tester after use

It is based on the HC6.2, but the following features set it apart:

  • IP65 enclosure (fully encapsulated)
  • External operation
    (no operating display on the device)
  • Wash down capability

The clear display and buttons make them easy to use, allowing you to operate the device safely even when wearing gloves and protective clothing.

Test results are printed immediatly and automatically after a test is finished.

Dimensions 190 x 310 x 141 mm
Weight 7 kg

Easy calibration

The calibration process of the HC6.2-WIP is as simple designed as possible, this is important, because the calibration is performed through the glove ports.

Isolator application

The HC6.2-WIP is designed to be placed in an isolator and operated with gloves. The display is separated from the device and placed outside the isolator.

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