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OPC-Server add-on

Ph21 – OPC Data Exchange

OPC – Data exchange

For synchronisation and structure of data being exchanged between a PH21 SCADA system and a PPC (Production Planning & Control) system using the well established ‘OPC’ standard.

The implementation of such data exchange can be established between Ph21 and ERP systems (for example: WERUM PAS-X).

The following tablet test systems running under Ph21 software control are able to exchange data via

  • Tablet weighing systems CIW
  • UTS universal tablet testing systems for acquisition of weight, thickness, diameter and
    hardness of solid dosage forms
  • Fette Checkmaster universal tablet testing systems
  • HC6.2 manual tablet hardness testers
  • Tablet disintegration testers DISI
  • Manually acquired values within a Ph21 virtual test environment

Ph21 Software

The Ph21 pharmaceutical quality assurance system enables you to control and evaluate your tablet testers, disintegration testers and weighing machines centrally. Once it is stored in the central product database, you can use product-specific data for all tests on the connected devices.

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