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Ph21Eye add-on

Ph21Eye – video supervision


Preferably in in-process applications test systems often work un-attended over a long period of time. However, in rare cases implausible measured values may be generated by accident, because an object is mis-aligned at the sensor or a fragment is placed at the sensor’s area. This implausible values may have to be explained at an inspection of pharma authorities.

As an example, particularily for an UTS tablet tester an object may have acquired a too-high weight value because of an weighing incident. This may have caused the expected tolerance violation. At the last measuring step the tablet then has been destroyed at the hardness breaking station. So an investigation of the incident is almost impossible. Here comes the video supervision in play.

By a wide-angle camera covering the complete path of the object through the machine a video is taken. For all out-of-spec situations the video is preserved an may be analyzed lateron for investigation. The camera is looking through the transparent hood of the tablet tester, so no mechanical modifications at the test device is required.


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