One of a kind: The UTS-IP65i - wash-in-place tablet testing system!

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UTS-IP65i – Containment tablet testing system – OEB level 5

Containment and WiP designed automatic tablet testing system – hermetically sealed & washable.


The UTS-IP65i automatic tablet testing system is an add-on to washable tablet presses for WIP or WOL applications, for the processing of medium and high-potent products.

The system may be used in the following applications:

  • in conjunction with a tablet press
  • stand-alone with PC-software
  • online with PC-software


A possible wash concept after production of high potent drugs is to seal and disconnect the tester from the tablet press and move it to a washing area. Furthermore, the UTS-IP65i includes a special wash program which can be configured by the operator.

Unique !

The UTS IP65i is the first unique fully washable, universal testing system launched, and available globally. The work/test area has protection rating IP65 and the cleaning process is fully controlled.


There are userdefined parameters for the washing programs, for setting the washing time per washing cycle, the number of washing cycles and the duration of the individual washing phases.

Integrated spray nozzles

3x Rotating spray nozzle on base plate.
1x Rotating spray nozzle on top cover center section.
1x Spray nozzle in tablet inlet feeder chute

Cleaning media connection

Tri-Clamp DIN DN50 water outlet.
Tri-Clamp DIN DN20 water inlet


The integrated fail-safe system rules out possible operator errors even in the preparation phase and during the washing process, and ensures error-free routines.


  • Unique testing system with integrated wash nozzles
  • WIP (wash-in-place) system
  • WOL (wash offline) system
  • Integrated 360° LED status display
  • Hermetically sealed system, OEB 5 rating
  • Sealed system makes an isolator superfluous

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