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Updates & Upgrades

Upgrades for your Kraemer Tablet Testing System

Kraemer Tablet Testing Systems have successfully been in operation for many years, in the laboratory as well as in the production in direct connection with tablet presses.

Hardware and software of the Kraemer tablet testers are continuously improved. Especially for the tablet handling and orientation, significant improvements were introduced.

We offer you Hardware and Software Upgrades including on-site installation and training of your operators, in order to improve the overall performance of your Kraemer tablet testing system(s).

Upgrade options

Overview of upgrade possiblities for your Kraemer UTS, Kraemer CIW:

  • Firmware Updates
  • PC-Software Updates & Upgrades (Ph21)
  • Transport starwheel with cleaning scrapers
  • Pendulum for tablet positioning
  • Modified hardness tester jaw
  • OZB Automatic Oblong Centering Device
  • Tester cover and waste bins in stainless steel
  • Collector unit for CM 4 in light plastic execution
  • Transport casters

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