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Reporting Tool add-on

Reporting Tool

Ph21 – Reporting Tool

A separate reporting tool has been developed to provide fast access to batch data archives.

This special software package is very useful during Audits, when asked to provide test data from certain batches from years back.

Since the reporting tool accesses the batch archives directly, it is not necessary to first restore batches.

Fast and direct access to your batch data is guaranteed through this new reporting tool:

– by using a sophisticated graphical representation package diagrams of huge amounts of data can be presented in a very intuitive way.

– tolerance violations can easily be identified by a blink of the eye.

– also data of several Ph21 archives can be summarized and analyzed without unpacking the archives.

– sophisticated analysis methods (CSFT/DT, Audit trail analysis/searching etc, search for implausible values etc.) are available

– the software package can easily be extended to special user requirements. Because the package is ‘stand-alone’ the Ph21 test system is not affected and therefore does not require re-validation.

– the external reporting tool is more than ten times faster than the standard reporting feature implemented within the Ph21 package.

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