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Sample Collecting add-on

Ph21 – Sample Collecting Strategies

Sample Collecting Strategies

Sampling strategies can be defined by the user of the system and will be implemented by executing a sql script file.

Some examples of collecting strategies:

1. for a CIW weighing system separate ‘good’ objects (objects which are within all tolerance limits) and bad objects from a larger sampling size

2. recover all unbroken and excess objects for further testing applications, do not
mix up objects but separate by batch and test number

3. recover all out-of-spec samples, do not mix up objects but separate by batch and
test number

4. other user-defined strategies

Criteria for sampling/diverting objects are:

1. out-of tolerance limits of measured values
2. objects having implausible measured values
3. excess objects

Ph21 Software

The Ph21 pharmaceutical quality assurance system enables you to control and evaluate your tablet testers, disintegration testers and weighing machines centrally. Once it is stored in the central product database, you can use product-specific data for all tests on the connected devices.


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